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For many who are in interested in Shovelheads engines, this informative article covers some of the basics concerning the engine and some info on Harley Shovelhead repair. Shovelhead engines are a V-twin engine type created by Harley Davidson Motorcycle Company through the year 1966 to 1985. This engine design was first based on an engine called the Panhead. One of the differences of these two engines is that a shovelhead is made up of more powerful pistons and cylinders and also a “modified” look. http://www.kooldaddymc.com/

The shovelhead engines received their name due to their unique look through the box covers. The rocker box carries a similar resemblance to 2 coal shovel heads. This is how the “shovel head” name began of these engines. In the middle of the sixties, Panhead engines were first manufactured to fit the Sportster choppers. As time passes Panhead engines lost popularity and quickly became unfashionable as Harley Davidson started making bikes which prescribed more horsepower and resilience.

Do your best shovelhead engines enrolled into the scene with new designed top-ends. These new designs provided more power and acceleration. Unfortunately, most motorcycle experts today say that the shovelhead engine weight detracted from the power and speed leading to many Harley shovelhead repair jobs from the mid-sixties. Actually, the shovelhead engine was designed for outboard motors for boats. However, the design did not work in moist air or water.

Across the 1970’s a few changes were conducted that assisted in fixing a few problems demonstrated through the shovel-head model in the sixties. However, even this Harley shovelhead repair was unable to catch the bikes up-to-speed. This became due to the “government regulations” that mentioned that choppers were not able to go past a maximum speed of 90 miles-per-hour.

Another interesting fact concerning the shovelhead engines relates to when an engine featured a FLH (Electra-Glide Package) it turned out an engine made for police officers bikes. This feature seemed to be known as a “Police Option”. This feature caused it to be a bit simpler for virtually any police members to just make cars off a road and keep up with the moving car.

In addition, with certain Harley shovelhead repairs the FLH (Electra-Glide package), allowed engines to turn over for a longer period of energy and still allowing the bike to idle. This selection was made for the heavier bikes, which made it a bit harder for average riders to brake instantly or move. http://www.kooldaddymc.com/

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